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  • Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    We woke to our first frost this morning. It’s very late in the season to only be getting a frost now. It has been the mildest autumn since we moved here with most daytime temperatures in double digits still. For the first time I was a little sad when summer ended as I’ve so enjoyed […]

  • The milkman returns!

    The milkman returns!

    When I was a child we had milk delivered in glass bottles to our front door. The milkman would come each morning, collect the empty bottles we left out, and deliver new full bottles of milk. It was a wonderful system that sadly became unpopular when I was still little. Today, for the first time […]

  • Tree Change Dolls

    An Australian woman has gone viral for her doll makeovers, although in this case, they are makeunders rather than makeovers. She finds second-hand Bratz dolls,┬áremoves their face paint, paints on a new face, and her mum knits the new clothes. The transformation is quite remarkable. It’s hard to even believe they are the same dolls. […]

  • The River Dee

    I don’t really like shopping, especially supermarket shopping. One of the great things about the UK is you can get everything online and it’s usually delivered super fast. We ordered our mattress and bed frame online for instance. The downside of this is that the stuff comes in cardboard packaging and you then have to […]

  • Recycling, rubbish and corporate responsbility

    Last night, a Greenpeace-created TV advertisement was due to air on Channel 9 Australia but it was pulled at the 11th hour because TV bosses thought it was too offensive. Here’s the ad: I don’t find it offensive. Do you? Has Channel 9 bowed to pressure from Coca-Cola? We live in a disposable society. We […]