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  • Pets and wildlife

    Pets and wildlife

    I think Victoria has been missing the hamsters. She used to like sitting above Daisy’s cage watching her. It was hamster TV. Just before Daisy died she came out of her burrow and simply stopped moving. I knew it was over then. Victoria started making whiny noises and tapped on the side to try to […]

  • Sniffing for hamster piss

    When we first got hamsters I wasn’t expecting to spend my evenings and weekends sniffing hamster bedding for hamster piss but this is what we do now. For a while Bella was peeing in a sand bath which was great as I didn’t need to go searching for her toilet but she’s stopped doing that […]

  • Hamster TV

    Hamster TV

    Victoria likes watching the hamsters. Unfortunately, Victoria’s taken to tapping the outside of Daisy’s home when she can see Daisy sleeping in her burrow so we’ve had to put the burrow against a wall or put something in front of it. We don’t see the hamsters very often because they’re always down in one of […]

  • Hamster house

    Hamster house

    We finally upgraded Daisy’s house. It’s surprisingly difficult to find good houses for hamsters. Pet shops don’t provide cages with sufficient depth at the bottom for bedding material that allows burrowing. Daisy would frequently run circles around her cage and bite the bars – both signs of boredom and distress. The wheels you get from […]

  • Hamster pics

    Hamster pics

    Victoria thinks the hamsters are getting too much attention. “What about me?” I took this video of Bella taking a walnut into her house. Bella is a bit on the chubby side. I’m hoping that with a bigger cage she’ll get more exercise and slim down bit.

  • New furry friends

    New furry friends

    A friend gave us their old hamster cage on the weekend so we decided to adopt a hamster. We found one looking for a new home and when we went to meet her we ended up leaving with two hamsters so we are now the proud adoptive parents – or Daniel and Elizabeth are – […]