Image of hamster habitat

Hamster house

We finally upgraded Daisy’s house. It’s surprisingly difficult to find good houses for hamsters. Pet shops don’t provide cages with sufficient depth at the bottom for bedding material that allows burrowing. Daisy would frequently run circles around her cage and bite the bars – both signs of boredom and distress. The wheels you get from pet stores are usually too small for Syrian hamsters and wheels that are an appropriate size are too big to fit into pet store cages.

These difficulties have led many people to make their own hamster habitat out of large plastic bins. I’m not DIY enough to do that so we bought one and the design is great but again I feel it could be bigger than it is. Nevertheless, Daisy can burrow and we can see she loves it and is much happier.

Her new wheel is large and terrific. She spends so much time in there that I’m wondering how we can hook it up to a battery charger?

Yesterday she spent ages burrowing as we could hear her and then when it went quiet we saw her fast asleep in the corner.

6 thoughts on “Hamster house”

  1. Our kids had so many hamsters when they were younger πŸ™‚ I loved them (and invariably ended up helping clean them out every other week). My favourite was a tiny little russian hamster that my daughter called Totoro.

  2. so cute.. i passed my love of those adorable furry lil creatures onto my daughter.. she has one that is spotted black and white.. she named him ‘Cow’ poor thing LOL

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