Her Majesty’s butler

Last week Victoria began showing interest in wanting to go outside. Being the softy that I am I conceded and now she wants to go outside everyday. This would be fine except that I have become the butler to Her Majesty as she constantly wants to come in and out all day long. She begs to go out so I open the door and then close it to keep the warm air inside but then five minutes later she’s begging to come in again. This repeats all day long. I think she’s a bit scared of the outside still and likes to run back in as soon as she hears a loud noise. The solution to this problem is a catflap so I think we’ll get one of those.

They say dogs have owners but cats have staff. That is so true. Here she is derailing Daniel’s efforts to do his homework at the Airbnb last weekend.

The yo-yo-ing from one lockdown to the next that countries are going through right now reminds me of a scene in the first Harry Potter movie. There’s a room filled with keys flying calming and slowly and Harry needs to fly up on a broom to grab one of them and unlock the door. Sounds easy, right? But the minute he gets on his broom the keys go berserk and fly much faster and more erratically. The keys flying calmly and slowly is what happens during lockdown when R falls below 1. Harry getting on his broom is when restrictions are lifted and the virus goes into super-spreading mode.

I’m not a fan of lockdowns and would prefer to forego some privacy – similar to what the South Koreans have done – and allow the economy to function as close to normal as possible. As far as I’m concerned if we’re all locked in our homes then the government knows exactly where we are anyway since they have our addresses. But I think I’m rather alone in opting for freedom over privacy and so the lockdowns are going to continue in some form or other until we have a vaccine.

At the start of the pandemic a vaccine seemed like years away. That has changed and I’m hopeful that we may have something by Christmas. The Times last Sunday reported that a mass rollout of the Oxford vaccine could potentially start in December. The Moderna vaccine may also be ready in December. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

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