Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

Rocket the hamster looking very cute in a coconut house.

Ben has had covid this past week. He started feeling unwell on Friday night over a week ago. On Monday he took a lateral flow test and it was positive. He says he's felt achy, very tired, was a bit feverish and headachy for a couple of nights, and lost his appetite. He's much better… Continue reading Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

Christian the lion

Yesterday I stumbled across the obituary of John Rendall who died this week of covid, aged 77. The story caught my eye because he and his flatmate bought a lion cub (Christian) from Harrods in the 1960s. I was expecting to read some awful case of animal torture but it turned out to be the… Continue reading Christian the lion

Second jab side-effects and the ethics of vaccination

I spoke too soon in my last post about not having any side-effects after the second Pfizer jab. A few hours later I developed a fever, headache, aches and pains, and a swollen lymph node in my armpit on the vaccinated arm. After the first dose it felt like I had a marble under my… Continue reading Second jab side-effects and the ethics of vaccination

I got my first covid vaccination jab

I had my first covid vaccine today after receiving my blue appointment letter last Monday. They're working very methodically through the population going from oldest to youngest. When your turn comes up you get your letter with the appointment date. I'm 45 and it was my turn today. The whole operation is very slick. You… Continue reading I got my first covid vaccination jab

Ben got his vaccine appointment letter

Ben got his vaccination letter today! It's for the end of next week. The appointment day and time is sent out to each person and you don't have to do anything other than attend on the day. It's very organised and methodical. They've been going from oldest to youngest and Ben's group is the 50… Continue reading Ben got his vaccine appointment letter

I’m next for the jab, AstraZeneca vaccine cuts hospitalisation risk by 94%, and the South African variant

People aged 40-49 are to be prioritised for the vaccine in the next phase which means I could be offered my jab anytime from mid-April onwards. This is great news and much earlier than I was expecting. The UK has now given 27% of the population at least one dose. Source: The UK has… Continue reading I’m next for the jab, AstraZeneca vaccine cuts hospitalisation risk by 94%, and the South African variant

A year of blunders

The UK has made so many mistakes during the pandemic. We started by following the flu pandemic playbook which meant our goal initially was to slow the spread but not eliminate the virus. Something which is too late to do now and perhaps unfeasible anyway. I also realise that no one expected vaccines to become… Continue reading A year of blunders

Full lockdown for Scotland

The covid situation in the UK is pretty dire right now with close to 60,000 cases per day. It's worse than it was back in March at the height of the first peak. I read that hospitals in London are now cancelling vital cancer surgery. This is the reason covid is so deadly. It may… Continue reading Full lockdown for Scotland

The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

We woke to some good news today: the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. I had been hoping and expecting this news for a couple of weeks now and was wondering why they were taking so long given the trial results were released at the end of November. They took much… Continue reading The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

The Nightingale Hospitals and snow at Drum Castle

We are in tier 4 covid restrictions here as is most of the UK as the sick in hospital reach record numbers. At the start of the pandemic the government was following its pandemic playbook which had been written in the years/decades leading up to 2020 but specifically for a flu pandemic. The plan included… Continue reading The Nightingale Hospitals and snow at Drum Castle

Still not testing enough and vintage clothes

They've back-tracked on the Christmas relaxation of restrictions and instead of allowing three households to mix from the 23rd to the 27th December they can meet on the 25th December only. Not only that but from the 26th December all of Scotland will be in Tier 4 lockdown which is back to what we had… Continue reading Still not testing enough and vintage clothes

Abedeen in tier 3 for Christmas

For the second time this year we've had to cancel a holiday due to covid. We were due to go to the highlands on Monday for 6 days to self-catering holiday accommodation but they're moving Aberdeen into tier 3 on Friday at 6pm which effectively puts a fence around the city for everyone living here.… Continue reading Abedeen in tier 3 for Christmas