Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster

We had Meatless Farm burgers for dinner last night. I've become a Meatless Farm convert: they're UK-based and much cheaper than the Beyond Burger but with similar ingredients. Both are made with pea protein. They taste delicious too and are good for a quick, easy meal when you don't feel like cooking. As part of… Continue reading Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster

Pancake Sunday

It's still lockdown here. We've been in lockdown since Christmas. I was sure back then that restrictions would be relaxed in January. How wrong was I? We have had to cancel our April holiday. This is the same April holiday we cancelled last year in April - we moved it to this April. Now we've… Continue reading Pancake Sunday

You have to murder to call it a burger

The Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach launched this satirical marketing video for the meat industry this week to highlight an upcoming EU parliament vote on whether to ban meat-related names for plant-based products. The marketing video starts at 2:47 so you'll have to fast-forward to then as the first part of the video is in Dutch… Continue reading You have to murder to call it a burger