Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

The Aberdeen City Council was awarded a £1.76million grant to widen pavements, install temporary bike lanes, and build one-way walking systems - all to create space for social distancing during the pandemic. I cycled into the city centre this morning and they've already closed part of Union Street to cars and buses (the part between… Continue reading Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

Who is responsible for the UK’s testing strategy?

The virologist and director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Peter Piot, gives a good interview in this podcast about his experience of catching COVID-19. He first began feeling unwell in mid-March but couldn't get a test. For reasons unknown to all of us the government was rationing testing at the early… Continue reading Who is responsible for the UK’s testing strategy?

There are no political parties today

Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care last night as his condition with COVID19 worsened. The country is united in wishing him a full and speedy recovery. I sincerely mean it when I say he has been handling the crisis well and I've watched other leaders lead through tragedies having lived in Christchurch during the… Continue reading There are no political parties today

Panic buying and the UK response to coronavirus

I don't understand the panic buying. Do people not realise you can order groceries online and have them delivered? Anyone facing quarantine can still order groceries and have them delivered to their home. There's no need to buy stuff to last the duration of the quarantine. Also, you can't buy several weeks' worth of fresh… Continue reading Panic buying and the UK response to coronavirus

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

We've noticed several similarities between our experience of the Christchurch earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic. After the big earthquake schools and universities were closed, hospitals and emergency services were overwhelmed, businesses went bankrupt, people lost jobs, shops were closed, supplies ran low including toilet paper, and people died. At that time, Ben remembers having to… Continue reading There is nothing to fear but fear itself