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  • Humour in adversity

    One thing I will forever remember from this pandemic is our capacity for humour at a time of adversity. Every day brings new laugh-out-loud moments. The tweet below from the Scottish sports broadcaster, Andrew Cotter, commentating on the final suspenseful moments of his dogs struggling over a toy is superb. Some sports are slower. More […]

  • There are no political parties today

    Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care last night as his condition with COVID19 worsened. The country is united in wishing him a full and speedy recovery. I sincerely mean it when I say he has been handling the crisis well and I’ve watched other leaders lead through tragedies having lived in Christchurch during the […]

  • Outbreak #COVID2019

    The Prime Minister now has coronavirus, as does the health secretary, and the chief medical officer is isolating after experiencing symptoms. They’re dropping like flies. It begs the question of whether they’ve all been following their own advice of social distancing and washing hands. Boris Johnson videoed the announcement about testing positive and shared it […]

  • Boris, Actually

    Boris, Actually

    Boris Johnson has released a campaign video that parodies the film Love, Actually. It’s quite clever and I give kudos to their marketing team for it. However, it has sparked a huge number of responses on Twitter, some of which are very funny. I DON’T KNOW WHO MADE THIS BUT IT MADE ME CRY LAUGHING […]

  • Scottish education, doggies, and Brexit

    Scottish education, doggies, and Brexit

    The Scottish state-funded education system is brilliant. Daniel will be starting secondary school in August and they have a transitioning program for pupils that starts in primary 6, two years before they leave primary school. This began with short visits to the secondary school and has culminated this week with pupils getting to spend two […]