Making your own milk

One of the advantages of drinking plant-based milk is that you can make your own. You can’t do this with dairy unless you get your own cow. For a little while, I’ve been trying to make my own oat milk using a cotton bag to strain it. This is quite messy and time-consuming so I never really got into. Then I discovered this Spanish product, Vegan Milker, which dispenses with the need to strain it through a cotton bag. All you need is a hand mixer.

Making your own milk has so many advantages.

  1. It’s way cheaper. I’ve worked out I can make 1L of oat milk for about 35p.
  2. There’s less waste. Something that annoys me about plant-based milks is they only come in 1L tetra paks. Our whole family drinks oat milk and we can easily go through 1L per day which is a lot of cartons. They are apparently recyclable and we always put them out with the recycling but far better is not to have that waste at all.
  3. You can put whatever you want in it. If you want to increase the amount of calcium in it then you can. If you want it sweeter then you can add sugar, dates, maple syrup – whatever you want. Commercially bought oat milk usually contains oil but I never put oil in when I make it at home. You can even add vitamins like B12 if you want.
  4. You can make any type of milk including oat, almond, soya, cashew …. Get creative!



17 thoughts on “Making your own milk”

  1. Oh that sounds good. I would be tempted to have a go at that. Expense and tetrapaks put me off buying milk alternatives. I have made soy milk but it was so messy.

    1. I tried soy milk once too and it seemed more trouble than it was worth. You really need the straining cloth to get the right consistency but that is so messy. I haven’t tried making soy milk with the vegan milker but I might give it a try.

  2. Just in case anyone wants to say that oat milk isn’t milk, I’ll quote Stephen Fry:

    “… and peanut butter isn’t butter, quince cheese isn’t cheese, cream of coconut isn’t cream … try as dairy farmers might, history and the nature of language development will decide”

    “If you can milk an audience for applause and if you can milk a topic for discussion for all its worth, then I reckon you can milk an oat. You can happily carry a meaning across difference frames of reference and spheres of activity. The Greek for carrying across is “metaphor” …”

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