The best diet

For about a month I tried skipping breakfast in order to lose a couple of kilos so I could zip up one of my favourite dresses again. I lost one kilo after about three weeks and nothing much happened after that except that I found myself starving all morning and sniffing marmite from the jar. Skipping breakfast is not an effective way to lose weight.

This week I reversed it and tried skipping dinner instead. Just three nights of skipping dinner and I’ve lost a kilo and not only can I zip up my favourite dress, I can even fit into this bridesmaid dress I wore to friend’s wedding when I was 27. I haven’t been able to fit into this for years. It’s still pretty tight and I doubt I’ll ever wear it out because the colour doesn’t suit me plus it looks like a bridesmaid’s dress but I’m pretty chuffed nonetheless.


I love beautiful dresses and clothing in general – I’ve become a bit of a collector of old dresses now so it was important for me to still fit into them.

Now that I’m back to my usual weight I’m going to stop dieting. What’s to stop me just putting it all back on you ask? From now on there’ll be no more Ben and Jerry’s vegan peanut butter ice-cream. I’m sure that will help. Plus I’m also going to change the way I eat. The past few days I’ve been eating an enormous breakfast and huge lunch and I rather like it. In the past people referred to lunch as dinner (at school here the kids have school “dinners” which is a cooked meal) and in the evenings they had supper which was traditionally a light meal. There’s no reason we can’t do the same now. I’ve always been fond of breakfast and brunch and also lunch. I can happily gorge all morning.

There are other benefits to front-loading the day with calories: our bodies are better at managing blood sugar early in the day and bad at it late in the day. What you eat is important for managing blood sugar but the time you eat it is even more important. Skipping breakfast also increases cholesterol and therefore our heart disease risk. Dr Greger explains the research in this video: