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  • Covid-busting diet

    Covid-busting diet

    We had a very healthy meal tonight from the How Not to Diet cookbook by Michael Greger MD. I love Dr Greger’s How Not to Die cookbook and we eat recipes from it regularly. This new book of his is almost too healthy and I’ve had trouble getting inspired by the recipes. I bought some […]

  • The best diet

    The best diet

    For about a month I tried skipping breakfast in order to lose a couple of kilos so I could zip up one of my favourite dresses again. I lost one kilo after about three weeks and nothing much happened after that except that I found myself starving all morning and sniffing marmite from the jar. […]

  • Mince lemons and how not to die

    Mince lemons and how not to die

    My favourite cookbook right now is the How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr Greger.  The recipes are delicious, fairly easy, and very nutritious. They are also kid-friendly. I will share some on my blog in due course however right now I want to post a tip from the book which I can’t believe I […]