Pies from The Vegan Skinhead

Someone came to the house this week to ask whether we’re interested in getting milk delivered to our home.

“I’m vegan”, I said.

He replied, “We also deliver eggs and orange juice. Would you be interested in either of those?”

Vegans do not eat eggs and as a family, we don’t buy orange juice because of the high sugar content. If he’d offered oat milk instead I’d have jumped at the opportunity. Milk producers need to diversify.

We order most of our food online and get it delivered. This week we placed an order for some vegan pies from the Scottish-based Vegan Skinhead. These pies are hands-down the best pies I’ve ever had. They were even a hit with Daniel who doesn’t usually like fake meat. I had the vegan steak pie. The pastry was light and crispy, the steak tender, and the sauce had a hint of rosemary.

I definitely recommend ordering from The Vegan Skinhead. He lives in Moray, runs an online punk shop when he’s not cooking, and can post to any UK address.


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