The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

Snow has returned to Scotland and today we went to Braemar in search of some fun. Braemar is always gorgeous but particularly so when there’s snow on the surrounding hills and the drive through Royal Deeside is always lovely.

We did the Queen’s Circular Walk which is fairly level and has nice views over Braemar and the surrounding countryside. Lunch was at The Bothy, a cosy cafĂ© in the village, and afterwards, we found a snowy hillside for some tobogganing.

The village of Braemar is in the distance in this next photo, beyond the springy carpet of heather in the foreground.


I am happiest on crisp, cold days like this with snow on the ground.


Is it obvious?


My family were miserable because I dragged them out into the cold.


Just kidding. They love it too.






There’s a hide in the forest where you can watch the local wildlife and they’ve put out bird and squirrel feeders to attract them. Ben photographed the New Zealand wildlife in the hide.



The building in this next photo is the new Highland Games Pavilion that we saw the Queen open in 2018. It’s a new build but with a pleasing-to-look-at traditional appearance and I love the mint green paint colour. I think it would have been right at home in Queen Victoria’s time.




We found a great hill for tobogganing and were surprised to find we had it all to ourselves. Maybe the locals are used to snow.

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