Braemar Gathering 2022

We had a splendid day at the Braemar Gathering today which finally went ahead after a two-year hiatus. We previously went in 2017 and 2018. Friends of ours invited us to stay with them in Aboyne overnight which made it a much shorter drive to and from the games. We arrived late to avoid the… Continue reading Braemar Gathering 2022

The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

Snow has returned to Scotland and today we went to Braemar in search of some fun. Braemar is always gorgeous but particularly so when there's snow on the surrounding hills and the drive through Royal Deeside is always lovely. We did the Queen's Circular Walk which is fairly level and has nice views over Braemar… Continue reading The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

Caber-tossing for kids

We went to the Braemar Junior Highland Games today. We've been to the hugely popular "celebrity" event in September a couple of times but this is the first time we've been to the kids' version and in many ways this version is better. It's far less busy and children can participate in everything. It's very… Continue reading Caber-tossing for kids

Sack racing in front of the Queen

We were very pleased to return our campervan today and return home to hot water and flushing toilets. I've realised that those old VW campervans are just for young, cool people who can defy their natural biology by not producing any poo. Ben and I both have war wounds. Ben for hitting his head on… Continue reading Sack racing in front of the Queen