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  • Braemar Gathering 2022

    Braemar Gathering 2022

    We had a splendid day at the Braemar Gathering today which finally went ahead after a two-year hiatus. We previously went in 2017 and 2018. Friends of ours invited us to stay with them in Aboyne overnight which made it a much shorter drive to and from the games. We arrived late to avoid the […]

  • Celebration at the Flying Stag and more swimming

    Celebration at the Flying Stag and more swimming

    We went out for a celebratory dinner at The Flying Stag in Braemar last night because this week my application for British citizenship was approved! I just have to go to the ceremony, give my oath of allegiance to the Queen and then I get a certificate of citizenship. I feel honoured and overjoyed to […]

  • Linn of Quoich

    Linn of Quoich

    We had a delightful walk at the Linn of Quoich today. We walked upstream along the Quoich River further than we’ve gone before and I found myself having to stop over and over again for photos because it was just so pretty. It was very quiet too. Practically no-one else there. Daniel pooed on the […]

  • Swimming in the Clunie

    Swimming in the Clunie

    We swam in Clunie Water in Braemar yesterday in the same spot we swam over the summer last year. It was a lot colder this year. Absolutely freezing in fact so we used our wetsuits. It was still lovely and clear and we could see fish in it which is always reassuring. The colder temperatures […]

  • Loch Callater

    Loch Callater

    It’s always nice to find a new walk we haven’t done before and that happened today with a walk up to Loch Callater. The walk starts about 3 miles south of Braemar at Auchallater Farm. There’s a small carpark there which costs £3. It’s about 7 miles to the loch and back from the carpark […]

  • Snow and lunch in Braemar

    Snow and lunch in Braemar

    We had a lovely day in Braemar today: lunch followed by a walk in the woods. We finally got some snow and it was mostly sunny all day.

  • Knitting trail in Braemar

    Knitting trail in Braemar

    It has been a while since we last went out to the countryside and I was starting to feel the pull of forests and hills today so we drove out to Braemar for lunch and a hill walk. Braemar was looking beautiful dressed in autumn colours. We were also lucky to see a space-themed knitting […]

  • Braemar Castle

    Braemar Castle

    Today we went on a tour of Braemar Castle, an L-plan tower house built in 1628 by John Erskine. It has a colourful history having been a hunting lodge, an important garrison after the Jacobite rising, it was attacked and burned by John Farquharson in 1689 and then a century later bought by another John […]

  • High tea at the Fife Arms

    High tea at the Fife Arms

    We did something special for Elizabeth today to commemorate her finishing primary school and starting high school. She somehow missed both the beginning and the end of primary school and I know she was upset about missing the end. When we first moved to the UK in October 2014, year 1 primary school had begun […]

  • Swimming in the Clunie River

    Swimming in the Clunie River

    Yesterday was another warm day and we swam in the Clunie River in Braemar. It was refreshing, crystal clear, and home to lots of juvenile trout. The trout ranged in size from tiny to an adult that was at least half a metre long. They can live for 10 to 20 years apparently and are […]

  • Winter wonderland, Braemar

    Winter wonderland, Braemar

    After last Sunday’s disappointing walk in Tullos Wood we went further afield today for a walk in Braemar. The recent snowfall in the highlands has created a winter wonderland and we were gifted a beautifully sunny day. The last part of the drive from Crathie to Braemar is always lovely but today the mist over […]

  • A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    This is going to be a long post with lots of photos so apologies in advance. We’ve just had a magnificent weekend in Braemar staying at the luxurious Fife Arms hotel. It’s quite a contrast to our recent glamping adventures and definitely opulent but worth every penny. I’ve been longing to spend a night at […]

  • Creag Choinnich revisited

    Creag Choinnich revisited

    We took our Aussie visitor to Braemar for a walk up Creag Coinnich today. Creag Coinnich is a wonderful little hill walk as it’s not long but you are rewarded at the top with magnificent views that significantly outweigh the effort required to get up there. It’s only 3/4 of a mile and takes about […]

  • The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

    The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

    Snow has returned to Scotland and today we went to Braemar in search of some fun. Braemar is always gorgeous but particularly so when there’s snow on the surrounding hills and the drive through Royal Deeside is always lovely. We did the Queen’s Circular Walk which is fairly level and has nice views over Braemar […]

  • A Scottish ceilidh

    A Scottish ceilidh

    On Saturday night after the Braemar junior games, there was a family ceilidh in the village hall.  A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee), is a traditional Scottish event with dancing and fiddle music. Other countries have something similar called a “barn dance”. We’ve been to a couple of ceilidhs here and they’re wonderful fun. Someone, a caller, […]

  • Caber-tossing for kids

    Caber-tossing for kids

    We went to the Braemar Junior Highland Games today. We’ve been to the hugely popular “celebrity” event in September a couple of times but this is the first time we’ve been to the kids’ version and in many ways this version is better. It’s far less busy and children can participate in everything. It’s very […]

  • Back home through Ballater

    Back home through Ballater

    We are back in Aberdeen after a lovely few days staying in Braemar, my favourite village in Aberdeenshire. We stayed in self-catering accommodation in the centre of the village – Tigh Na Tri Cottage. I definitely recommend it. We had everything we needed and cooked most of our meals at home. There were also toys […]

  • Creag Choinnich

    Creag Choinnich

    We walked up to the top of Creag Choinnich today and it was marvelous. It’s probably one of the loveliest hill walks I’ve done in Aberdeenshire. The views from the top are even nicer than those at Bennachie. I love hill-walking. The effort required to get to the top is always rewarded with magnificent views […]

  • A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit

    A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit

    Some kayakers lost a kayak in the River Clunie today and we watched the rescue operation. I’m amazed anyone kayaks on this part of the river because it looks way too treacherous to me. The kayak was bobbing up and down for a long time – at least half an hour. It was caught in […]

  • Photos of Braemar

    Photos of Braemar

    We’re in Braemar today and gosh I love this place. I think I could retire here. You can just make out the River Dee in the valley in the next photo. This is the River Clunie gushing beside the Fife Arms Hotel. The entrance to the Fife Arms is beautiful. This is the duck pond […]