A little bit hyper

I had a great day yesterday and got so much done. My employer gives us all our birthdays off work and I wanted to make the most of it so I baked scones, made another batch of courgette chutney, made the no-bake walnut oatmeal cookies from Dr Gregor’s book, did some crochet, I vacuumed the house with the new Henry, did truckloads of washing, took a friend’s dog for a walk, cycled to the allotment, and took Daniel for a haircut. When Elizabeth got home from school she said to Ben, “She’s a bit hyper isn’t she“.

I recently found a fantastic new cookbook which I highly recommend. It’s called The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer.


It’s got some wonderful recipes with pearl barley including one called Gently spiced pearl barley with tomatoes, leeks, dill, and pine nuts. It was so yummy! What I especially like about this book is how easy the meals are. You only have to bung everything into a pan and put it in the oven. Some dishes take a long time, an hour in the oven or more, but that doesn’t matter to me as long as I don’t have to stand by a stove stirring constantly. It means I can put stuff in the oven and leave it which frees me to “be hyper” and do other things.

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