Caber-tossing for kids

We went to the Braemar Junior Highland Games today. We’ve been to the hugely popular “celebrity” event in September a couple of times but this is the first time we’ve been to the kids’ version and in many ways this version is better. It’s far less busy and children can participate in everything. It’s very informal, inclusive, and educational. The children receive some instruction on traditional Scottish sports like caber-tossing and stone-putting.

I took a video of Daniel tossing the caber. He did well!

He also tried the stone putting which is just like shot put but with a stone rather than a steel ball.


Elizabeth also got some instruction in tossing the caber. It wasn’t just for boys.


Elizabeth did the Highland Fling. It’s the first time she’s ever performed competitively like this and she did so well. She didn’t win anything but she was the only one smiling! She said she got to fulfill her dream of dancing at the highland games. It also starting raining mid-dance and she took it all in her stride, or step.


Daniel dislikes competition and is not at all interested in sport but he really got into the highland games and participated in almost everything. He came first in the sack race and even did the hill run at the end which involves a 2km run on a track uphill then back again. I’m so proud of him.



There was also tug-o-war.


Some pics of Braemar.




2 thoughts on “Caber-tossing for kids”

  1. Good that Daniel enjoyed, hope he finds an activity he likes. It’s hard for children to smile when they’re dancing! They’re often busy concentrating on the steps. It was only when Isabel saw video of their dance group that she realised how important it is. Elizabeh must have a natural affinity with dance.

    1. I think it was that I reminded her to smile before she went up on stage but that said, she does have a natural lightness and springiness in her steps.

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