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  • The Loch Ness Tickular

    The Loch Ness Tickular

    At some point over the weekend in Fort Augustus I got a tick. I found it in the shower last night. It was a tiny speck buried in amongst the black hairs of my bikini line which hasn’t been shaved in months and months so it was somewhat surprising that I saw it at all. […]

  • The Highland Club, Fort Augustus

    The Highland Club, Fort Augustus

    We have spent a wonderful few days staying at The Highland Club in Fort Augustus. The Highland Club is a complex of holiday apartments in what was once a Benedictine monastery on the shores of Loch Ness. It was constructed in 1880 and home to monks and a private school for boys right up until […]

  • Caledonian Canal, Fort Augustus

    Caledonian Canal, Fort Augustus

    Started in 1803 and completed 12 years late in 1822, the Caledonian Canal connects the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of 29 locks (not to be confused with lochs), 35km of man-made channel, and four natural lochs. It’s a feat of Scottish engineering, designed and built by Thomas Telford from Dumfries. Over […]