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  • BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

    BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

    Yesterday we went out to Deeside Log Cabins to get a part for our shed (we bought our shed from them) and they have a wonderful BBQ cabin/spa/sauna that I took some photos of. On the inside is a BBQ and very inviting seating area: A spa: And a sauna: The whole thing costs about […]

  • Ticks and messy plots

    Ticks and messy plots

    The Loch Ness Tickular is still alive. Now that it has shrunk in size I can quite clearly see it’s a tick. When I first yanked it out it was round like a tiny balloon filled with my blood. After several days of starvation it has shrunk and all the limbs are clearly visible now. […]

  • The Loch Ness Tickular

    The Loch Ness Tickular

    At some point over the weekend in Fort Augustus I got a tick. I found it in the shower last night. It was a tiny speck buried in amongst the black hairs of my bikini line which hasn’t been shaved in months and months so it was somewhat surprising that I saw it at all. […]

  • Meat allergy tick is spreading thanks to climate change

    Meat allergy tick is spreading thanks to climate change

    I thought this story was a hoax at first but I Googled it and found reputable sources like the New Yorker, ABC Science, BBC, and Science Daily. There’s a nice symmetry to the thought that one of the causes of climate change – livestock farming – could also bring about its demise. Livestock farming produces […]