I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Cycling by design guidance

At the beginning of this year I thought my days of cycle campaigning were coming to an end. Not because I didn't still fully support the need for cycling infrastructure but because the designs the council were showing us were all good and aside from minor details I felt confident and positive about the future… Continue reading I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Pavement cycling

David Hembrow is an Englishman who lives in the Netherlands and writes a blog called A view from the cyclepath. He also has a You Tube channel about cycling infrastructure. He's very good at making observations about people, transport, and infrastructure and drawing conclusions from what he sees. This video is a very good one… Continue reading Pavement cycling

A vision for King Street, Aberdeen

Earlier this year I applied for and received funding for the Aberdeen Cycle Forum to commission two visualisations of streets in Aberdeen with a bike path. One of them has just been released. It's for King Street and extends the King Street Design Competition we held by taking the winning designs and turning them into… Continue reading A vision for King Street, Aberdeen

Pedal on Parliament 2019

It was Aberdeen's annual Pedal on Parliament today and we changed tactics slightly by cycling laps around the city centre. In previous years we've had a ride starting from somewhere outside Aberdeen and ending up in town. This year we cycled a circuit through town.  It worked really well because it was all left turns… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2019

Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

Tomorrow Aberdeen will be having a mass bike ride in protest of the lack of cycling infrastructure in the city. This is part of a nation-wide group of protests under the umbrella of Pedal on Parliament 2019. Several weeks ago I notified the police of the event, out of courtesy. In the past they've usually… Continue reading Police Scotland say roads unsuitable for slow-moving individuals

Sustrans Cymru criticised for active travel scheme

This appeared in my Twitter feed yesterday: https://twitter.com/SustransCymru/status/1009411183680671745 It generated a lot of discussion on Twitter. Can you see what's wrong with the photo and the accompanying text? Sustrans is a national sustainable transport charity and in this Tweet the Welsh division of the charity praises a new active travel scheme in Aberystwyth but all… Continue reading Sustrans Cymru criticised for active travel scheme

Make Union Street Great Again!

I made a few signs about the event coming up in Aberdeen on Saturday, 3rd February, asking for a bike path for Union St. I put one of the signs in Foodstory on the weekend and they took a photo of it and posted it to Facebook! Foodstory are the best. Please go there! https://www.facebook.com/TheFoodstoryCafe/photos/a.367841083311559.84522.113562095406127/1599445083484480/?type=3&theater… Continue reading Make Union Street Great Again!

Never put cyclists between parked cars and traffic

I was nearly doored this morning by a motorist opening her car door on us as I cycled passed. Fortunately I always take a wide berth around parked cars - for this very reason - and as it was the door missed the three of us by mere centimetres. It was a mother dropping her children… Continue reading Never put cyclists between parked cars and traffic

Moan, moan, moan – that’s all I seem to do

I feel like I'm always complaining to the Aberdeen City Council. It's just that they keep making silly decisions and not doing what I suggest. This week they announced their plans for pedestrianisation of an historic street in the city centre only their idea of pedestrianisation is to make it a thoroughfare for buses. Don't… Continue reading Moan, moan, moan – that’s all I seem to do

Super review for airbag helmets

The Hövding invisible bicycle helmet has received a favourable review from a Stanford University team. We found that the airbag has the potential to reduce the acceleration of impact by a factor of five [over traditional helmets]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhikbrBxFeY I've been using the Hövding for over a year now and am very happy with it. I've never had to… Continue reading Super review for airbag helmets

Dressed for the destination, not the journey

This YouTube video comparing cycling in Holland with cycling in Britain is truly wonderful and well worth watching. What is particularly interesting is that it wasn't always this way in Holland. They used to have the same problems we have with traffic and air pollution but a spate of child deaths sparked protests and so began the start of policy which… Continue reading Dressed for the destination, not the journey

Cycling in Auckland part 2

Cycling on the footpath sucks. It really does. I've just returned from cycling Elizabeth to kindergarten and I've started cycling on the road for parts of the trip now. In fact, when I'm on my own cycling home I use the road almost the whole way. Why? Because the footpath is difficult to navigate. It's… Continue reading Cycling in Auckland part 2

An open letter to Gerry Brownlee

We will be leaving the UK at the end of this month and so I have started to think about what my life will be like back in Auckland. The biggest change will be the shift from a commuter-cycling lifestyle here over to a car-dependent one in Auckland. But does it have to be this… Continue reading An open letter to Gerry Brownlee

When is it ok to kill cyclists?

Earlier this month The New York Times published an opinion piece about cycling, "Is it O.K. to Kill Cyclists?". It prompted a huge number of articles and blog posts which, insofar as discussion about cycling safety helps to improve cycling safety, is probably a good thing. Even the Economist has waded in with, "The American… Continue reading When is it ok to kill cyclists?