Pedal on Parliament 2019

It was Aberdeen's annual Pedal on Parliament today and we changed tactics slightly by cycling laps around the city centre. In previous years we've had a ride starting from somewhere outside Aberdeen and ending up in town. This year we cycled a circuit through town.  It worked really well because it was all left turns… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2019

Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

The Aberdeen Cycle Forum is organising a mass bike ride on Sunday 28th April at 11am, starting from Marischal College. This is part of Scotland's Pedal on Parliament 2019 but this year is a little bit different because the usual Edinburgh ride which attracts thousands of people is not happening. Instead the focus is on… Continue reading Mass bike ride in Aberdeen on Sunday 28th April

Pedal on Parliament 2018, Aberdeen

It was the Aberdeen Pedal on Parliament today.  The Pedal on Parliament is a demonstration for safe cycling infrastructure throughout Scotland. The main event was in Edinburgh on Saturday but there were two smaller events, one in Aberdeen and the other in Inverness. It's the fourth year running for Aberdeen and we had 80-100 people… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2018, Aberdeen

Pedal on Parliament 2018

It's just over two weeks until Pedal on Parliament in Aberdeen. If you want a more cycle-friendly Scotland then join us as we cycle, walk, scooter, and march to The Town House on Broad St. Starting from Rubislaw Terrace Gardens on Albyn Place at 11am or Hazelhead Park at 10:45am. Come in fancy dress, decorate… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2018

Pedal on Parliament Aberdeen 2018

When: Sunday 29th April at 11am Where: Starting at Rubislaw Terrace Gardens and cycling along Albyn Street, then Union Street and finishing up at The Town House on Broad Street. Pedal on Parliament is an annual event to promote bike-friendly cities in Scotland. The Scottish government wants to increase rates of cycling but money has… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament Aberdeen 2018

Pedal on Parliament 2017 Aberdeen

We gathered on the Beach Esplanade at 11am this morning for the Aberdeen Pedal on Parliament ride. This is the third year running for Aberdeen and the sixth year for Pedal on Parliament in Scotland. We were an energetic, cheerful, and brave crowd hoping to convince the Aberdeen City Council to give some road space… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2017 Aberdeen

Pedal on Parliament 2017

On the 22nd April mums, dads, sons, daughters, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends will be cycling in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Inverness (Glasgow on the 23rd April) to urge our politicians to improve cycling infrastructure all over Scotland. That's this coming Saturday! Tomorrow! We need as many people as possible to have the… Continue reading Pedal on Parliament 2017

The sun came out

Daniel said to me yesterday as we were cycling home, "Why is it sunny? It's not usually like this". I laughed so much I nearly crashed into a parked car. It has been a particularly dark winter this year with lots and lots of rain and even flooding. However I don't mind the dark at all.… Continue reading The sun came out