A doggy to cuddle and I made sauerkraut

Today I’ve had Millie for company. She’s an adorable 1-year-old cockapoo. As you can see she’s made herself at home 🙂



Millie is our first dog from Borrow My Doggy. Her owner works all day and wanted her to have some company while he’s at work. I’m at home working all day and also wanted some company. Plus Millie can come with me for walks to and from school. It’s a win for everyone.

I tried making sauerkraut for the first time and the recipe said it can take about 6 weeks and now it is 6 weeks so I tried it and it’s delicious. It’s much nicer than plain cabbage and this recipe has caraway seeds which add some flavour. It’s also very cheap to make. A cabbage costs about 80p and with it I made 1L of sauerkraut.


The recipe is from a book called Ferment by Rachel Mulligan.


The book is full of wonderful recipes including one for sourdough which I’m also trying. After taking many bricks out of the oven I think I’m finally making progress with my sourdough and it’s thanks to Rachel Mulligan’s book. My starter is actually looking active and bubbling a bit.


Part of the challenge is it’s cold here and fermentation takes longer. I just have to be patient and not expect to have bread straight away. I’ll let you know how it turns out when I eventually pop it in the oven.