South College Street Consultation

The Aberdeen City Council has a consultation open until the 19th January 2021 on proposed changes to South College Street. This work is part of a bigger project known as the Berryden Corridor which will see a dual carriageway built from north to south through the central city. I spent much of last weekend writing… Continue reading South College Street Consultation

Absolutely enormous pants

Do you remember that scene in Bridget Jones's Diary where RenĂ©e Zelleweger and Hugh Grant hook up and Grant discovers the "absolutely enormous pants"? I've just bought myself The Jones Briefs from Davy J and they are absolutely enormous pants. Davy J is a British manufacturer of swim wear, making sustainable and long-lasting items… Continue reading Absolutely enormous pants

Insect dog food

Sustainability in dog food is becoming a thing. The dogs we look after always come with their own food which their owners provide but I feel a bit depressed giving regular dog food to dogs. We know how unsustainable livestock farming is and we're already consuming beyond our resources just to satisfy our meat-heavy diet… Continue reading Insect dog food

The warm fuzzies

We've published a page on Sustainability at my company and I'm very chuffed about it: This is something I have worked on and to see it go live is very important to me for what it represents. We've offset all our emissions through tree-planting which is wonderful. I see Australia letting the world down… Continue reading The warm fuzzies

Recap of the Sustainability Festival in Aberdeen

I had a great day at the Sustainability Festival in Aberdeen yesterday. I was there with Hoss, my new e-cargo-trike, and lots of literature from Cycling UK. The very lovely Fiona from Cycling UK also came to lend a hand. I was amazed by how many people had not heard about the campaign for a… Continue reading Recap of the Sustainability Festival in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Sustainability Festival

I'm representing Cycling UK at the Sustainability Festival in Aberdeen on Saturday. The festival is a celebration of sustainable living and a first for Aberdeen so I'm not 100% sure what to expect. There'll be lots of wonderful produce from local farmers and also green community organisations like Aberdeen Climate Action and Cycling UK. I'll… Continue reading Aberdeen Sustainability Festival


I've been thinking a lot about sustainability recently both through my work at Award Force and also on a more personal level. It has become fashionable for corporations to talk about sustainability and I think, when done sincerely, it represents the best of humanity. I know there's a certain level of green-washing where corporations will… Continue reading Sustainability