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  • Good deeds

    Good deeds

    Elizabeth danced at a local care home today for part of a school assignment which required her to do some good things in the community. She chose the tasks and for one of them she wanted to dance at the local care home. It was a really lovely experience and although I was just an […]

  • I took the 1% pledge

    I took the 1% pledge

    Earlier this year I took the pledge to donate 1% of my salary to charity after being inspired by Peter Singer and The Life You Can Save. He has written a lot about our obligations to help others in need and I once read that he encourages people to publicly declare their donations as this […]

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero

    Lots of heroes emerge in times of disaster. From neighbours delivering groceries to the vulnerable, to police topping up the electricity meter of an elderly man who was without power, to people donating meals to frontline workers. One of the heroes in my local community in Aberdeen is Artur Banach who has been printing face […]

  • The warm fuzzies

    The warm fuzzies

    We’ve published a page on Sustainability at my company and I’m very chuffed about it: https://www.awardforce.com/sustainability This is something I have worked on and to see it go live is very important to me for what it represents. We’ve offset all our emissions through tree-planting which is wonderful. I see Australia letting the world down […]

  • Explaining charity to kids

    The schools here have regular fundraising for various different charities. I quite like this as I think it’s good for children to learn about donating to those in need. This week they’ve been asked to donate a pound to a charity in Africa but Daniel questioned this. “I don’t want to give them something if […]

  • Donate to SAFE!

    It’s the SAFE¬†(Save Animals From Exploitation)¬†annual appeal today and tomorrow and Freud and I volunteered to collect for two hours this morning. I put my hand up a couple of months ago for this and figured that since it was going to be on the 21st December, 2012, that the world would be over and […]