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  • Cool in Aberdeen

    The UK is expecting a scorcher today with a possible high of 42C. This will be unprecedented if it gets this hot. Many people have asked how we’re coping in Aberdeen but Aberdeen rarely gets hot and we’ve been hovering around 20C or just below the past few days. Today the forecast is for 25C […]

  • The tropics of Scotland

    The tropics of Scotland

    I woke up at 2-something last night to go to the toilet, I looked out the window and it was still light! There’s just no dark at the moment which is ridiculous. It’s light when I go to bed, it’s light if I wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s light when […]

  • Hot weather and visits from family and friends

    Hot weather and visits from family and friends

    Yesterday was hot. BBC weather says it was 24C here which felt pretty awful. How did I ever survive living in Brisbane? At least here the temperature typically falls overnight and one can get a good night’s sleep. We’re also cooler than many other parts of Europe which are experiencing heat waves right now. I […]

  • It was summer here in February

    It was summer here in February

    It has felt like summer here for the past week or so and lots of temperature records have broken. A 120-year winter temperature record for Scotland was broken on February 21 when Aboyne reached 18.3C. This is unprecedented for this region in winter. 18.3C is a summer temperature for us. On the 25th February the […]

  • Fed up with hot and dry

    Fed up with hot and dry

    I miss winter. I truly do. Yes, I like watching the garden come to life in spring and the buds blossom but I love the muted lighting of winter more and feeling the cold air on my cheeks. It has been hot and dry here. It has been the driest first half of summer for […]

  • Duthie Park and buying a house

    I took this photo of Duthie Park back in April this year just before all the buds on the trees opened upĀ for spring: Today I went for a run through the park and took some more photos. Here’s how it looks now: I love watching the plants and trees change with the seasons. Duthie Park […]