Hottest day ever for Australia

Australia recorded its hottest day EVER on Wednesday with a national average temperature of 40.9C. Paradoxically, the front page of The Australian newspaper, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, ran a story on coal exports and another story attacking the people who are trying to tackle the problem of climate change. Instead, a British news… Continue reading Hottest day ever for Australia

Hot weather and visits from family and friends

Yesterday was hot. BBC weather says it was 24C here which felt pretty awful. How did I ever survive living in Brisbane? At least here the temperature typically falls overnight and one can get a good night's sleep. We're also cooler than many other parts of Europe which are experiencing heat waves right now. I… Continue reading Hot weather and visits from family and friends

In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever

It was a hot weekend and since my bike, Hoss, is a convertible we went out on Saturday with the top down. Apparently it was the hottest Easter for our region since records began which is, sadly, a sign of things to come. It will continue getting hotter and hotter unless we get our emissions… Continue reading In our convertible on the hottest Easter ever

It was summer here in February

It has felt like summer here for the past week or so and lots of temperature records have broken. A 120-year winter temperature record for Scotland was broken on February 21 when Aboyne reached 18.3C. This is unprecedented for this region in winter. 18.3C is a summer temperature for us. On the 25th February the… Continue reading It was summer here in February

How hot will it get?

Lately, there's been much discussion about this thing called climate sensitivity. But what the devil is it? Climate sensitivity refers to the amount by which the temperature is expected to increase with each doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) from pre-industrial levels. It's important because if it turns out that the climate is very sensitive,… Continue reading How hot will it get?