I learnt a new word on the weekend: aquafaba. It’s the leftover liquid from cooked legumes which, when whisked, becomes white and fluffy just like egg whites. I tried it on the weekend with the liquid from a can of chickpeas. Instead of tipping it down the sink, which is what I normally do, I whisked it.

Here’s the liquid:


After whisking:


Isn’t that amazing!! I added some sugar and vanilla in the hopes I could create meringue  but it went into the oven looking like pre-baby boobs and came out looking like post-baby boobs.



It tasted delicious though and was light and crispy like meringue. It may be that I had the oven at the wrong temperature or opened the door too many times to check on it. Has anyone made pavlova with aquafaba before? I’m curious to know whether it’s possible.


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