Nutcrafter Creamery Vegan Cheese

Today I was feeling particularly decadent and bought myself some vegan cheese from Nutcrafter Creamery. Foodstory sell some of their artisan cheeses and I got the Aged Smoked Chipotle. It’s not cheap at Β£8.50 for 190g but it was oh so worth it.


The main ingredient is cashews.


The nutrition information doesn’t make much sense. It says “Information per 100gr” and then says, “Fat 543gr”. Maybe there’s a decimal point missing? The abbreviation for grams is usually gm. Maybe the gr means something else?

The cheese itself looks divine, enticing, sublime.



I tried it with some freshly-made wholemeal sourdough.


It had a creamy texture with a lemony, smoky flavour and a hint of chilli. Heavenly. I’ll definitely buy it again.

Photo on 03-03-2018 at 17.18.jpg

It’s made in Scotland too!