Nutcrafter Creamery Vegan Cheese

Today I was feeling particularly decadent and bought myself some vegan cheese from Nutcrafter Creamery. Foodstory sell some of their artisan cheeses and I got the Aged Smoked Chipotle. It’s not cheap at Ā£8.50 for 190g but it was oh so worth it.


The main ingredient is cashews.


The nutrition information doesn’t make much sense. It says “Information per 100gr” and then says, “Fat 543gr”. Maybe there’s a decimal point missing? The abbreviation for grams is usually gm. Maybe the gr means something else?

The cheese itself looks divine, enticing, sublime.



I tried it with some freshly-made wholemeal sourdough.


It had a creamy texture with a lemony, smoky flavour and a hint of chilli. Heavenly. I’ll definitely buy it again.

Photo on 03-03-2018 at 17.18.jpg

It’s made in Scotland too!

15 thoughts on “Nutcrafter Creamery Vegan Cheese”

  1. The macro (short for macronutrients) are the amount of carbs, protein and fats included in any preparation. Their total will result in the amount of calories on a given serving portion of food.
    One gr of carb and protein results in 4 calories while one gram of fats results in 9 calories.

    Given this, the calculations I just did gives me a different result: 895.5 cal per 100gr of products, with 54.3gr fats, 74gr carbs and 27.7gr protein.

    Seems like a bit too much for me, even though the cashew are super loaded in fats etc. When something like that happens, I normally write to the company and let them know about it.

    Digging on MyFitnessPal library, I found what I think are the real correct macros:
    (Can’t attach an image)

    Hope that helps!

  2. I was definitely in the mood for a post with the word “decadent” in the first line, after this week. Always up for trying new food – I’ve ordered the garlic one.

    1. That one looks so nice. I ordered selection pack from the website but I’m not sure what will be in it. I hope the garlic one is included.

  3. I’m not sure where my cheese has gone! But the vegetarian black pudding arrived. Timely, as we were doing an Irish themed book at book group. I made a breakfast pizza out of it because I thought it would be sturdy for travel. The main difference between this and blood based pudding is the texture – this one falls apart much more when cooked. So pizza was a good choice! This is a bit more bitter and not as salty, but still nice.

    1. I haven’t received the cheese I ordered from their site yet either and I checked the FAQ and they don’t post until the next week so we won’t get it until then. This cream cheese I bought in a shop šŸ™‚

      I’ve never eaten real black pudding so can’t compare it. Using it on pizza sounds like a great idea.

      1. That sounds very interesting, I’ll check them out.

        As you say it can be very hit or miss with vegan cheeses – we wanted to put together a vegan cheese platter for our wedding reception (this was back in Poland), and all the cheeses we tried were bad šŸ˜¦

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