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  • A weekend at the Barley Bothy

    A weekend at the Barley Bothy

    We’ve just had a lovely weekend at the Barley Bothy: a little hut on a strawberry and sheep farm near Huntly. You can watch the making of the hut on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces, (series 4, episode 4). We like staying in interesting places because that’s all part of the holiday experience and the Barley […]

  • Gathering llamas with the Queen

    Gathering llamas with the Queen

    We had a fantastic weekend away at Glenshee Ecocamp and the Braemar Gathering. We stayed in a vintage train wagon which has been converted into off-grid accommodation. It was wonderful! Very quiet and peaceful (except for our noisy kids!) and lots of stunning scenery including a starlit sky at night. The kids were not bothered […]

  • Ecocamp Glenshee

    Ecocamp Glenshee

    We are back from our fabulous glamping weekend at Ecocamp Glenshee. It’s about 2.5 hours by car south of Aberdeen through the Cairngorms. The drive was wonderful and part of it is along the highest road in the UK. Ecocamp Glenshee is wonderful for families as it’s safe and they have animals – llamas, chickens, […]

  • Glamping in Scotland

    Glamping in Scotland

    We’re having a short glamping trip this weekend and had a wonderful day yesterday with lots of lovely scenery, highland cows, llamas, and an evening sitting by the fire. There isn’t any wifi here so I’ll write more when we get back.

  • A wood-fired hot tub

    A wood-fired hot tub

    The wood-fired hot tub at the glamping bus is an absolute treasure. It’s made entirely of wood and looks a little bit like a giant whisky barrel. On one side is a log burner immersed in water. It takes several hours to heat up the tub but once hot it retains the heat for a […]

  • Glamping in a bus

    Glamping in a bus

    I’ve got lots of bus photos to share today. First, the chicken bus again because I think it’s ingenious. Just inside the front door is a gate to stop the chickens from escaping. Also up front and where the driver sat is a good storage area for food and straw which provides handy access and protection from the elements. […]

  • Peeing in the driver’s seat

    Peeing in the driver’s seat

    We are glamping in a bus and it’s heaven. We have our own wood-fired hot tub in a peaceful rural setting of wheat fields and rolling hills. It doesn’t get much better than this. Teetotal me even enjoyed a South African organic red with no added sulphur. This is my kind of camping. Here’s our bus: […]