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  • The greenhouse

    The greenhouse

    We were lucky to inherit a greenhouse with our house when we bought it almost 7 years ago now. I love growing veggies in there through the summer and love sitting inside on a sunny spring day when it’s still cold outside. Today in Aberdeen is 10C but inside the greenhouse it’s 28C. Sometimes I […]

  • A cucumber in Scotland in November

    A cucumber in Scotland in November

    Yesterday I picked all these tomatoes at my allotment and even discovered a cucumber! This must be a first for Aberdeen: a cucumber in November. I thought my cucumber plant had died but it’s a bit of jungle in the glasshouse and I didn’t notice this cucumber until yesterday. I picked all the green tomatoes […]

  • Inside my greenhouse

    Inside my greenhouse

    It’s a lovely drizzly day today. I cycled to Newton Dee thinking I’d have the bike path all to myself but there were lots of people there – dog walkers, cyclists, and joggers. I love it when it’s overcast and I don’t have to squint. Squinting is annoying because it gives me wrinkles and somehow […]

  • Inside my greenhouse

    Inside my greenhouse

    I’m so excited by all the things growing in my greenhouse. I’ve never had a greenhouse before but I can see what useful things they are. It’s much easier to grow from seed because the greenhouse offers some protection from birds and pests. You can also control the amount of water they get. I planted […]

  • A hedgehog house

    A hedgehog house

    We got a hedgehog house for our garden. I hope a hedgehog finds it suitable and moves in. I think it looks very inviting. That old pot next to it has been dragged with us all over the world, from city to city and country to country. I think we got it in Christchurch. My war […]

  • My latest obsession

    I have a tendency to get a bit obsessed about things like cycling, crochet, playgrounds etc …. but my latest obsession is gardening. I have always loved gardening but right now I have really fallen off the wagon. This is partly because spring has arrived and also because the garden at our new house is worthy of Aberdeen’s garden […]