Perthshire for Christmas

We’ve taken off a bit early for the Christmas holidays; we’re spending it in the very lovely Perthshire. Here are a couple of pics from the drive today. We just managed to squish everything into the Co-Wheels car, including Creeper.


There was a dusting of snow today which made the landscape look beautiful. Perthshire is very beautiful anyway but gorgeous with snow.



You can just make out the wind farm on the hills in the distance. I think it looks beautiful. I don’t understand why people dislike them.


We’re staying at the best place. It’s a holiday house but from a different era. I feel like I’ve gone back in time and I’m loving it. There’s a 100 year old, fully functioning toilet here.


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s amazing to think that some humans on the planet today don’t have a toilet and yet here’s this beautiful one the Victorians had 100 years ago. It has a flush lever under the seat and automatically flushes when you stand up!


There’s also a record player and a fantastic record collection.


I don’t ever want to leave.

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