Tag: embarrassing

  • Remote work and children

    Working from home means sometimes I’m working when the kids are around. This is the case after school on weekdays, on the weekend, and on school holidays. Mostly it’s not a problem at all. However I frequently have video conference calls and sometimes my kids will interrupt or there’ll be loud kid sounds in the background coming […]

  • How to use a telephone

    I’m feeling a bit dumb. I had to make a work phone call to a company today, a big company, and I was feeling nervous. I’m not good on the phone. I prefer text or even video. Nevertheless I was fully prepared and sitting waiting by the telephone for a good 30 minutes before the scheduled […]

  • Smelly feet

    At what age do children stop embarrassing their parents? At some point the tables turn and parents become embarrassing to their children instead of the other way around. Is that right? We were on the train this afternoon and someone with smelly feet removed their shoes. Daniel spent the next 5 hours (slight exaggeration) saying […]

  • I’m so cool … not

    We were cycling through the centre of Aberdeen earlier and I was feeling great: the weather is perfect, people were staring and smiling at us thanks to Harald (my bike) and I was thinking how cool I must look. Everything was perfect. Then I stopped at some lights to cross the road. When they turned […]

  • How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

    This morning at 6am I had a job interview; at least I thought I did. My instructions were to be online at 5pm GMT on March 26th. I spent so much time checking and double-checking that 5pm GMT was indeed 6am New Zealand time that it didn’t occur to me that 5pm on the 26th […]