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  • Eating weeds

    Eating weeds

    When everyone was panic-buying in March I saw some stinging nettle springing up in our backyard and decided to leave it there rather than weed it out. Stinging nettle is a highly nutritious food. It has anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties as well as being high in calcium and iron. How do you eat it […]

  • Born to ride a Pashley

    Born to ride a Pashley

    Penelope – that’s her name. My new Pashley is called Penelope. I think I emerged from the womb riding a Pashley because it feels so natural. When we’re cycling I’m not sure where the bike ends and my body begins. The men in the bike shop laughed at me when I said I got her […]

  • My mid-life crisis Pashley

    My mid-life crisis Pashley

    For more than half my life I have wanted a Pashley. When I lived in Cambridge as a 20-year-old I saw people cycling around on these magnificent-looking bicycles. I couldn’t afford one myself back then and later I became a parent and needed the station-wagon equivalent of bikes, a Bakfiets. I still love my Bakfiets […]

  • Bikes for the bathroom

    Busby has gone to hospital. There’s a problem with his brakes. It’s as though they’re permanently on and I have to pedal hard even when going downhill.¬†Unfortunately it’ll be at least a week before he gets fixed because the bike shop is fully booked. Elizabeth had to go to a party today and so she […]