Tag: plumbing

  • Bikes for the bathroom

    Busby has gone to hospital. There’s a problem with his brakes. It’s as though they’re permanently on and I have to pedal hard even when going downhill. Unfortunately it’ll be at least a week before he gets fixed because the bike shop is fully booked. Elizabeth had to go to a party today and so she […]

  • Exposed pipes

    The ceiling has been repaired in the downstairs flat. Here are some pics of the damage. The first image is after leak number one, the second image is after leak number two, and the third image is our kitchen floor.   It’s quite astonishing how many layers there are between our home and the home below. […]

  • It’s only money

    I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not currently starring in a Monty Python skit because that’s how the last few weeks have felt. I only wish I was. According to BT someone was supposed to be moving into our house today but no-one ever did; surprise, surprise. I was a bit disappointed in […]

  • More dramas and a bit of a rant

    Yesterday afternoon the lady who lives downstairs knocked on our door to say water was leaking through her kitchen ceiling. Our kitchen is above her kitchen but there was no sign of any leak in our kitchen at all. I turned off all the water and the central heating as no-one was able to come until […]