Global meat consumption

I saw this graph in my Twitter feed today. It comes from an article in the World Economic Forum:


I’m not surprised to see Australia at the top but the numbers are still mind-boggling – 93kg of meat per person, per year. I almost doubt their accuracy but the numbers come from here. They’re extraordinary and also unsustainable.

The recent bombings in Paris are terrible. My heart goes out to all of those affected. The media coverage of the disaster has been extensive. However I wonder how much media coverage the up and coming climate conference in Paris will generate when it begins at the end of this month? I suspect it might make headline news for one day if we’re lucky. And yet the ramifications of what is decided there will affect our species, and all the others living on earth, for centuries to come.

Livestock farming accounts for about 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions which is more than the entire transport sector put together. That’s all the trucks, planes, buses, trains, cars, and ships on the planet. Reducing our meat consumption is an easy and attainable win for the climate. It might even save the NHS some money which is surely a good thing 🙂

Oh and good article from Peter Singer here:
Paris and the Fate of the Earth.