Queues, parties, anxiety, and dad-friendly swimsuits

The party last night was a bit of a disaster. Everyone was told not to eat first because there would be food there but the food was a small pop-up stall selling hamburgers and hot dogs with a long and mostly stationary queue of about 100 people. To get drinks you had to purchase tokens… Continue reading Queues, parties, anxiety, and dad-friendly swimsuits

Is Donald Trump right to claim unfairness over Paris?

There's a brilliant article from Peter Singer in Project Syndicate this week about Donald Trump's whinging over the unfairness of the Paris climate agreement. Trump is basically the fat kid who ate 3/4 of the cake and then complained that it's unfair he didn't get more while 3 other kids shared the 1/4 remainder between them.… Continue reading Is Donald Trump right to claim unfairness over Paris?

The Paris agreement

I haven't written anything about the Paris climate change agreement yet but have been wanting to put my thoughts down on my blog so here goes. On the one hand it's quite ambitious. They agreed a 1.5°C target which is very ambitious and an improvement on the 2°C which is what is usually bandied about. But on… Continue reading The Paris agreement

Global meat consumption

I saw this graph in my Twitter feed today. It comes from an article in the World Economic Forum: I'm not surprised to see Australia at the top but the numbers are still mind-boggling - 93kg of meat per person, per year. I almost doubt their accuracy but the numbers come from here. They're extraordinary and… Continue reading Global meat consumption