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  • Women’s sports and the IOC

    Women’s sports and the IOC

    I was surprised this week by the new International Olympic Committee guidelines on transgender women in sport. They say there should be no presumption that transgender women (humans who were born male but identify as female) have a physical advantage over females. This is an odd thing to say. All my life I’ve observed male […]

  • More sledging bloopers

    More sledging bloopers

    These were taken last weekend. All the snow has gone now and we probably won’t see it again until next winter. It was fun while it lasted. No one was injured in the making of these videos. Me speeding down the hill …. or not. Daniel speeding down the hill and falling off. Daniel speeding […]

  • Rugby

    Newsflash: I watched the rugby! Well, some of it anyway. I don’t usually take any notice of these high-profile sporting events but my mum and step-father (Doug) arrived yesterday and I discovered that New Zealand were playing Australia in the final of the world cup. Ben┬ádecided not to tell me about this (he says he […]