It’s only money

I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not currently starring in a Monty Python skit because that’s how the last few weeks have felt. I only wish I was. According to BT someone was supposed to be moving into our house today but no-one ever did; surprise, surprise. I was a bit disappointed in the end as I was hoping to hand over not only our phone and broadband but also our plumbing problems. But alas, our plumbing problems are still ours.

The Polish fellow we organised to do the ceiling repairs downstairs came over today to have a look at the new damage and I ended up bawling my eyes out. He must have felt sorry for me and offered to do it again for free. Can you believe that? I immediately felt really bad and cried even harder because I wasn’t crying so that he’d do it for free. They have mouths to feed too and we can afford to fix it so I said no, absolutely not. But I suspect he’ll give us a good price. They’re going to return on Monday to start the job again.

If something good has come out of my dealings with BT it’s that I think it has made me better at my own job. So many of my conversations and emails with their service representatives left me feeling completely exasperated. On one occasion I asked the lady I was speaking to why she didn’t believe that I hadn’t transferred my phone to another company. She said, “Of course I believe you, you’re a valued customer”. But actually she didn’t believe me at all and this mattered because no attempt was then made to figure out what had gone wrong and to fix the problem. They were just empty, meaningless words.

But it’s all just money in the end and not terribly important. The things that matter are all fine. We’re all healthy and the kids are very happy and have the best school ever. Right now I’m sitting on the train heading off on an adventure for the weekend and am very happy about that.

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  1. It is reckoned that there are two types of stress. The first being those challenges that we have the means to resolve and strengthen us. The second is when we feel powerless and are very damaging. Then people like Cameron wonder why there are so many sick people in this country.

    At least you met a good guy. There is hope for the world yet. 🙂

  2. What is this new repair now? I hope you will get a good quote.

    Perhaps that lady is helpless. You know, in big corporations, there is little front line staff can do even if they want to really help customers.

    Great attitude, Rachel.

    • They had just finished plastering over the new ceiling in the flat downstairs when the leak started again and now it needs to be done again. So it’s the same repair job.

  3. Sorry you’re still having plumbing problems after I assured you it would never happen again. I don’t know about your insurance, but ours has a liability clause that covers the cost of damage to other people’s property. Is there some reason that your company doesn’t, or are they ducking that expense?

    I don’t know which phone company is worse, ours or yours. We finally have service and Internet but they have not yet buried the line or fix the corroded connections which they promised us they would do a week and a half ago. We got our bill today and found that we were billed for the “free installation” that we were promised as an incentive to change our service. The lady did take that charge off after I threatened to make her listen to the whole saga if she didn’t.

    • I think our plumbing problem is the same one as last time but they didn’t fix it last time. Our insurance policy does have a property liability clause but it only applies in cases where we’ve been negligent such as leaving the bath running. We spoke to the underwriters about it on more than one occasion just to be sure. We’re with AXA. However I’ve phoned some other insurance companies and some have said they would cover this so we might sign up with someone else when our current policy expires next year. I asked AXA whether there’s anything we can add to our current policy to cover ourselves for this and they said no.

      We’re considering replacing all the pipes in our kitchen and running them along our ceilings and walls so they’re exposed. It seems like a terrible idea to me to bury pipes under layers of flooring and making them essentially inaccessible.

      I also got a refund from BT for the cancellation fee they billed us for so I think our troubles with them have come to an end. At least our service has been up and running the entire time, unlike yours.

  4. Once, years ago walked out of Tesco, leaving a full trolley of stuff cause of bad service, after a vow to myself I’ve hardly ever been back since. Must’ve lost them lots of money over the time.

      • Oooh Tesco I remember once they asked me to produce my receipt, which was at the bottom of my bag, after I had been through the self checkout, because the person who was supposed to be watching it had got distracted and hadn’t seen me scan the stuff. I have avoided it ever since.
        That is so sweet of the Polish guy and also of you. But it doesn’t make the stress of the ceiling any better.
        Glad the kids have a good school, though, and that they are happy.

      • It was when they introduced self service tills. I was having problems so put my stuff in the back in the trolley and went off to an ordinary till. One of the staff shouted “Hey You, you can’t do that!” I replied watch me, left the full trolley and walked out, little to return. Takes a bit to annoy me as well.

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