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  • Thin Ice

    A little while ago I donated to the Kickstarter campaign to bring the Thin Ice climate change documentary to US television. My name is even listed on this page. WooHoo! I haven’t heard anything about it for some time and so went looking to see what stage they’re at. It turns out the documentary began […]

  • It’s only money

    I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not currently starring in a Monty Python skit because that’s how the last few weeks have felt. I only wish I was. According to BT someone was supposed to be moving into our house today but no-one ever did; surprise, surprise. I was a bit disappointed in […]

  • Problem solved

    I think my BT woes are finally resolved. I changed my strategy when I rang them this morning and instead asked how I find out who my provider is since they say it isn’t BT because I’d like to report this third-party company to Ofcom. After being transferred to three different people and waiting on hold for longer than […]

  • Problems with BT and autism

    We’re still having problems with BT and I’d by lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. I feel powerless and have no idea how to resolve the problem. Fortunately we haven’t lost internet or phone so far but I received another automated email from BT on the weekend, same as the one from a couple […]