The Burkini ban

I find it quite extraordinary that French police are demanding women remove clothing when lying on the beach. Have they¬†gone completely mad? It seems like half the world wants women to cover their flesh and the other half wants them to expose it. Can we just let women wear whatever they want? As an Australian… Continue reading The Burkini ban

Cousins, Provence, wine-making, and climate change

I'm back in Aberdeen after an amazing trip to France for my sister's wedding. We landed in Aberdeen last night to heavy snow! I'm feeling very tired today and think I need a holiday to recover from my holiday ūüôā I got these nice photos of the cousins together yesterday:   As we drove back… Continue reading Cousins, Provence, wine-making, and climate change

How the richest 1% live

Global wealth has risen considerably over the last 10 years but this wealth is spread unevenly. The richest 1% have more than 46% of all global assets and the richest 10% have more than 86% of wealth. Here's a neat youtube video which graphically illustrates this inequality. So what do the 1% spend all they… Continue reading How the richest 1% live

TukTuk Azur

My sister and her partner run a Tuk Tuk business in the South of France around Antibes, Cap d'Antibes and Juan les Pins. Today we got our first ride in one of these three-wheeled contraptions. They are electric, nippy and very, very cool. The electric motor makes them quiet and environmentally friendly but the best… Continue reading TukTuk Azur