A beautiful wedding

The four of us beside the River Dee

We went to a friend's wedding yesterday and it was marvellous. Weddings are wonderful things. What's not to like about food, wine, dancing, and funny speeches? But weddings in Scotland are even better because they have ceilidhs. The ceremony was in the winter gardens at Duthie Park which was perfect. Aberdeen put on a beautiful… Continue reading A beautiful wedding

Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee

I haven't done so much swimming since I was a kid when we'd spend a week or two at the beach over the summer holidays. I'd get sunburnt and dumped by waves but generally have a very good time. We've been swimming with the trout in the Clunie River everyday and we've named one of… Continue reading Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee

Jane Austen and Gretna Green

I hate my wedding photos. More specifically, I hate me¬†in the photos. Everyone else looks terrific and the photos themselves are wonderful. It's just me. I was 7 months pregnant when Ben and I got married and I was fat. I put on 17kg during my pregnancy with¬†Daniel which is rather a lot. I also… Continue reading Jane Austen and Gretna Green