Clothes and sunny Britain

I have way too many clothes. But it's not because I'm materialistic and spend all my money on contributing to despicable sweatshops and environmental degradation. Most of my clothes are second-hand¬†and they have either been given to me by¬†people I know or I have bought them from charity shops. Sometimes I buy new things for… Continue reading Clothes and sunny Britain

Angels, Christmas Trees, and Opshopping

Elizabeth said to me today, "I know what angels look like". To which I replied, "How do you know what angels look like?". Elizabeth: "Because Mr MacDonald (not his real name) put one up on the white screen". Then I asked her what they look like and she said, "An orange clown". The kids have… Continue reading Angels, Christmas Trees, and Opshopping


Another day, another city, another sister. This time we're in Geneva visiting Ben's sister. I have never been all that fond of Geneva because it has somewhat of an exclusive feeling to it. It also seems to be full of banks and shops selling expensive watches. Something that they do very well here though is… Continue reading Geneva