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  • The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

    The Oxford vaccine, lockdown in Aberdeen, and online games

    We woke to some good news today: the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. I had been hoping and expecting this news for a couple of weeks now and was wondering why they were taking so long given the trial results were released at the end of November. They took much […]

  • The mighty River Dee

    The mighty River Dee

    The River Dee is looking particularly beautiful today. I’ve never seen it with so much ice, not this close to the harbour. Much of Scotland has been blanketed in snow over the past week except for Aberdeenshire. We’ve had crisp, dry, cold, but sunny days. If I can’t have snow then my second choice is […]

  • Frozen


    We had our first frost last week and there’s another heavy frost this morning. I went outside to take some photographs. It’s very pretty. I used to miss frosty mornings like this when we lived in Auckland. Here are my cyclamen surrounded by frozen leaves. Can you see the pink flowers? Despite the frost in […]

  • A guest post from Busby the bike

    A guest post from Busby the bike

    I’m Busby the Bakfiets, Rachel’s bicycle. It was very cold last night and everything froze, including me: My mistress tried to ride me this morning but couldn’t. First she tried to open the cover to let the¬†two wriggly creatures inside but the cover was frozen shut. Eventually she got it open but the lock was […]

  • Snow and ice

    Snow and ice

    It snowed a bit late last night and then today the temperature didn’t go above 1°C so the snow froze on the roads and pavements creating a a bit of an ice-skating rink. I wasn’t sure whether to cycle the kids to school but I did and it was absolutely fine. In fact, I think […]