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  • Leaf insects and other things

    Leaf insects and other things

    Ben is outraged that I’ve taken possession of two and a half chests of drawers for my clothes and left him with only half a chest of drawers. On the surface of it this might seem unfair but Ben wears the same outfit everyday so he really doesn’t need more than half a chest of […]

  • What to buy a mathematician for Christmas

    Men are hard to buy presents for. Mathematicians are even harder. All they really need is a pencil and some paper … and maybe a rubbish bin (unlike economists who don’t use the rubbish bin). Which reminds me of a joke: What do mathematicians do when they’re constipated? They work it out with a pencil. I […]

  • Park Güell

    Park Güell

    I’ve had a headache for the past 24 hours which pain killers are not killing and so there was only one thing to do: go for a run. It sounds counter-intuitive but running often alleviates headache pain for me. So this afternoon I ran up to Park Güell, a lovely park with some architectural features […]

  • La Sagrada Família

    This is the reason visitors come to Barcelona: to see the church of Sagrada Família. It’s an unusual building that is not of this world. It looks more like something from an alien planet and would look right at home on the set of a science fiction film. It’s the work of Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. Construction began in […]

  • Aberdeen’s amusement park and extreme wealth

    Elizabeth turned 5 on New Year’s Eve. We didn’t have a party for her this year and instead took her out today to the amusement park on Aberdeen’s waterfront. Yep, Aberdeen has an amusement park right by the sea called Codonas. Personally I think it’s a god-awful waste of good real estate but who am […]