Vegetarian haggis: Take 2

Another week, another vegetarian haggis to sample. This one is made by Macsween and was bought from Sainsburys.


I liked this one even more than the last one. It was delicious. Not too dry, not mushy, just perfect and with a lovely texture and flavour. It was also very filling.

I got the ingredients off the back of the packet before chucking it out:

Oats, water, lentils (8%), rapeseed oil, kidney beans (5%), rehydrated onions, carrot (3%), swede (3%), mushrooms, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salt, spices, pepper.



      1. It’ll put hair on your chest and a spring in your step 🙂 On a slightly more serious note, I’ve never understood why the manufacturers of vegetarian food name meat replacement products after the meat product they are replacing? Vegetarian haggis, tofu turkey, vegetarian meat paddies etc. Why not just call it something else? I can’t imagine the vegetarian haggis tastes like haggis and I know the tofu turkey definitely doesn’t taste like turkey.

      2. It’s a marketing ploy and it makes vegetarians feel like we haven’t been forgotten. It also helps meat-eaters when they’re catering for a vegetarian and don’t know how to cook a meal without meat. If you can make a sausage without meat in it then why not call it a sausage? Ok, so the vegetarian haggis is quite a long way from real haggis but cheap sausages these days don’t have much meat in them anyway. And I call vegetarian burger patties – burger patties – rather than meat patties, because they’re perfect for putting inside a bun. What else would you call it? I’ve never seen or tried tofu turkey but have heard of it and I think it’s rather clever and sends the message that you don’t have to kill a turkey to enjoy thanksgiving.

  1. I like all the ingredients in it…I think. Sounds good. I didn’t understand the % part. I saw the 19% part. What was the other 81%?
    Maybe I am just missing something…like a brain. 😦

  2. haha I was also adding up the percentages, like Ladysighs 🙂 Still, always nice to find good vegetarian food (my daughter is vegetarian.) Real haggis doesn’t appeal to me either – but good that you are becoming “native” 🙂

  3. I need to look for more of these sorts of foods for my vegetarian daughter. We’ve been eating a lot of stir fry recently and curry, because I can’t think of anything else…

  4. I’ve been eating McSweens vegi haggises (haggi?) for years & think they’re the best. Hope you don’t mind me hijacking the blog a wee bit, but thought you might like this re-writing of a Robert Burns poem, which I recite sometimes on Burn’s nights:

    Ode To A Vegetarian Haggis
    Tim Dalling January 1993

    Oh vegetarian haggis whit a view
    Thou glorious, steaming bag of veggie goo
    No one could ever say that you
    Dish death to beasts,
    Not a single murdered chicken, pig or coo
    Taints your braw feasts.

    But noble pud you must ignore the taunting bores
    From meaty Caledonia’s shores,
    The moaning bloody carnivores
    Who think you need
    To slaughter sheep in scores
    To have good feed.

    Thy beauteous form can satisfy
    The keenest neb or mouth or eye,
    Wi’ as braw’ a meal as ane could buy
    Pulse, veg and spice
    And ev’n sheep eaters that dare to try
    Say Oh it’s nice!

    So stuff the purists and their cries of sin
    Let’s split this pudding, serve and shovel it in,
    And what the hell if it’s wee skin
    A humble plastic bag is.
    Let’s drink a toast and we’ll begin
    The vegetarian haggis.

  5. Not sure if there is a case for an old recipe for veggie haggis, certainly in Liverpool there’s Blind Scouse, Scouse was a stew with meat, spuds, onions etc. If you couldn’t afford meat it was called blind scouse, hence the term Scousers for Liverpudlians.

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