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  • Blue poppy

    Blue poppy

    The Himalayan blue poppy is flowering in my garden again. I always love watching the garden spring into life after winter. The changes are so pronounced and so quick. Every week there’s something new.  

  • Baby photos

    My father sent me some old family photos. Here are some early ones of me. I think, though I’m not 100% sure, that the first one was taken at my 1st birthday and that’s my chocolate cake all over my face. I’m pretty sure it’s my birthday again in this next one and that’s more […]

  • An old photo

    I came across this old photo of Elizabeth and Ben, taken by Ben’s mum just after Elizabeth had turned 2. It’s such a great photo that I wanted to share it again. Elizabeth is wearing a washable nappy. I thought she was fully toilet trained by the time she was 2 but my memory must […]

  • I’m in Barcelona

    I made it to Barcelona but my luggage didn’t. Of all the travelling I’ve done in my life – which is a fair amount – this is the first time I’ve ever lost my bags. Today I’m wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday. My bag is expected to appear today so I’m hoping my […]

  • Photos from Aberdeen

    I like to look at the types of houses people live in when I go to different cities. Here are a few from the residential streets of Aberdeen plus a couple of our backyard. Aberdeen is a beautiful city. It’s quite leafy for a British city – which I really like – and many of […]

  • Browns Bay, Auckland

    Today we took Dad to Browns Bay, a beach suburb on Auckland’s North Shore. Once upon a time it was a summer holiday destination for Aucklanders wanting to get away from the city, but as the city expanded geographically, it engulfed this pocket and turned it into another suburb of Auckland. Now it’s very popular […]

  • Auckland’s Sky Tower

    I thought I should give Dad a break from doing chores around our house so today we took him to the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, a 328m structure in central Auckland. It took two years and nine months to build and cost NZ$85 million.┬áThere are some impressive views from the top, a couple of […]

  • The Silver City

    We are in Aberdeen, a city known for its extensive use of granite as a building material and because of this it is also sometimes called the granite city or the silver city. On the train here from York, I tweeted that I was heading north in Scotland. Someone responded to my tweet with, “Ooh, […]

  • A beautiful frosty morning

    I have been longing for some snow but there has been none. We haven’t even had a proper frost, that is, not until this morning and the first real frost did not disappoint me. I used to love frosty mornings when we lived in Christchurch with the sound and the sensation of crunchy grass beneath […]

  • Le Tour de York

    The Tour de France in 2014 will start from North Yorkshire and the people of York are starting to get excited about this. When I first heard about it I was puzzled because I thought this famous French cycle race was always held in France. It is called the Tour de France after all. And […]

  • More pics of the main streets of St Andrews

  • Devonport

    My very lovely sister is visiting us from Brisbane. I haven’t seen her for two years so it is a big deal for all of us. Today I took her to Devonport which is a quaint village on the North Shore. I know I complain endlessly about Auckland but my complaints are related more to […]