Online shopping in the UK

Yesterday I ordered some groceries online. I thought I had ordered 1kg of carrots and 1kg of bananas.  What I got instead was a single carrot in a bag and a single banana in another bag. This is one of the pitfalls of online grocery shopping. Don’t get me wrong here though, I absolutely adore online grocery shopping because I loathe going to the supermarket. But things like this happen to me quite often and admittedly they are mostly my fault.

Once I ordered a bag of pegs thinking that I’d be able to hang out the washing with them. What I got was a small packet of miniature pegs about 1cm long. I have no idea what their purpose is but it’s not for hanging out washing.

Internet shopping in the UK is brilliant. For grocery shopping, there are at least five different supermarkets to choose from and they all offer competitive pricing and some have free delivery. You can choose your delivery time to within one hour blocks so that you’re not waiting around all day for the groceries to arrive.

Online shopping for other things is also brilliant. Delivery is usually free and often the very next day. Some of the freight companies will even send you a text message on the day to say “Gareth will be delivering your order between 3.30pm and 4.30pm today. Reply ‘1’ to reschedule or ‘2’ to leave with neighbour”.

This is very civilised and not having to visit the supermarket on a weekly basis translates to a better quality of life in my humble opinion.