Internet Shopping Fail

In wishful anticipation that a lot of people will turn up on Saturday wanting to sign the petition for a bike path on Union Street, I bought some clipboards on Amazon yesterday. The only problem is that I accidentally ordered A5 clipboards instead of A4.


Now I’ve got 6 of the damn things and they’re all completely useless.


It reminds me of the time I accidentally ordered a single carrot from Sainsbury’s internet shopping. And the time I ordered a single banana. And the time I ordered a bag of pegs for hanging out the washing but they turned out to be paper-clip sized pegs, for what purpose, I’m not sure.

If anyone reading this is planning to attend the event and has a spare A4 clipboard lying around the house can you please bring it with you? Thank you.

11 responses to “Internet Shopping Fail”

  1. My other half is good at this trick too. She ordered a camping mat once – it looked family sized in the photo. It was the size of a tea-towel. She has done the reverse too – we are currently working our way through a sack of teabags. Yes – a sack.

  2. None of these is as bad as the volunteer (and major benefactor and campaigner for) at the village shop who ordered pallets of mini jams instead of the full size versions.

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