A party in Provence

We were forced to attend another party this evening. What a tough life πŸ™‚

I got to wear another beautiful frock and hopefully I don’t look too bony and emaciated in it.


I also got a nice photo of myself with Dad who seems to be turning into a party animal as he gets older. He stays up later partying than all the rest of us.


The kids looked just as cute as ever:


Quite by accident we three look like aΒ French flag:IMG_0503

Susie looks so lovely she needs a photo all to herself:IMG_0522

My sister, Josey, discovers that high heels are not suited to gravel.


No, this is not the groom kissing her in this next one.


Here’s the bride and groom:IMG_0515

And some other random photos:IMG_0505


And now I must go to bed if I’m to run laps around the grape vines again tomorrow.