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  • The Last Kingdom

    The Last Kingdom

    Men fight over women, money, and land and have been doing so since the beginning of time. I suppose money and land are essentially the same thing and we can simply say men fight over women and money. This is exactly how season 2 of The Last Kingdom panned out. The two Viking brothers, Erik […]

  • Australianisms


    A couple of months ago Elizabeth started watching Zumbo’s Just Desserts which is an Australian reality TV cooking show. She loved it. I was amused by all the questions I got after she’d watched an episode, “What’s a bickie?”, “What’s an iced vo-vo?”, “Is Arnotts a real company “, and even (gasp), “What does Aussie […]

  • Royalty


    I like to think I’m not at all interested in the Royal family because we Australians are not known for our deference to royalty or to people with titles and money. Jack’s as good as his master, as the saying goes, and it’s what I think and live by. But, and there is a but, […]

  • The BBC made my daughter cry

    I’m so cross with the BBC today. For the past little while we’ve watching the BBC TV series, Merlin. It is a wonderful, family-friendly production of the King Arthur legend but told from the point of view of Merlin and starting from before Arthur becomes king. It’s got funny bits that appeal to all ages […]

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes

    I was stopped in the middle of the street today by a lovely lady who wanted to introduce herself and tell me she read my blog. See, I really am famous. Tomorrow there’ll be paparazzi camping outside my front door hoping to get a photo of me tripping and flashing my knickers as I fall down the front […]

  • Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer

    Doctor Who, Sherlock, and drowning in beer

    We introduced the kids to the 2005 Series of Doctor Who last weekend and it was an instant hit. They haven’t seen any Doctor Who before and now they’re fans for life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel gets himself a Tardis one day. The special effects haven’t changed much in 40 years and some of […]

  • My daughter is a Hitchcock fan

    I introduced the kids to one of my favourite Hitchcock films this week, The Lady Vanishes. It was made in England in 1938, before Alfred Hitchcock left for Hollywood. It’s pitched as a thriller but a 1938 thriller is quite different to a modern one; there’s not the same level of violence and thus it’s suitable […]